Work With Us!

Are you a “people-person” who isn’t afraid of hard work and having fun? Gotcha Games is now hiring!

We transport, set-up, operate, and tear down carnival rides, games, and attractions. It can be hard work and long hours, but we have a hard-working and fun team.

We’re based out of Collins, Iowa (about halfway between Ames and Marshalltown), and travel all around the state.

Application for Part-Time / Seasonal Employment

By completing the following form, to apply for employment, you are agreeing that you acknowledge, understand, and accept the following eight (8) statements regarding our job duties and responsibilities at Gotcha Games:


We transport, set-up, operate, and tear-down carnival rides, games, and attractions, such as ferris wheels, mechanical bulls, climbing walls, etc. It can be hard work and long hours, but we have a hard-working and fun team. Our primary concern is for the safety of both the event guests and our own team. Therefore, many of our daily tasks require that we have the following abilities:

  • The ability to lift 50-75 pounds regularly
  • The ability to operate a hand-cart / furniture dolly safely
  • The ability to pay attention to our surroundings and see, hear, and respond quickly to dangerous situations
  • The ability to move safely over uneven terrain (setting up equipment) and in confined spaces (loading/unloading trailers)
  • The ability to safely climb in and out of trucks and trailers
  • The ability to work outdoors in the sunshine, heat, and humidity of Midwest summers
  • The ability to communicate rules and safety instructions to event guests of all ages and backgrounds in a clear and polite manner
  • The ability to work long hours and for up to 2 hour stretches at a time between breaks

The inability to handle any of these physical requirements will NOT disqualify you from employment, however for the safety of yourself, our team, and our event guests, it is imperative that you let our office know in advance about any relevant physical limitations, so that we may assign you to proper tasks within the scope of your abilities.


If accepted for employment, please understand that although some of our jobs may be single-day events, there are often multiple day events (such as county fairs) that require us to be out of town for several days at a time. In these situations, air-conditioned bunk trailers or campers with cots will be provided for sleeping, and you will have daily access to showering facilities. You are responsible for providing your own bedding (sleeping bags are convenient) and soap/towel/etc. We will have chilled water available at all times, but as with most travel of this sort (and due to our uncommon work hours), oftentimes the only food available can be rather unhealthy and/or expensive (convenience stores, fast-food, fair vendors, etc.), so you are encouraged to pack some simple food supplies which do not require refrigeration or complex preparation (if you’d like guidance from one of our employees who does this regularly, ask us in advance). All personal supplies should be packed in a backpack or duffle bag (as opposed to carried individually), for ease of transport and storage.


You are encouraged to provide your own sunscreen and sunglasses (as we often work in the sun), and work gloves to help protect your hands during set-up and tear-down of equipment. You will be required to wear closed-toe footwear during all set-up, tear-down, and loading/unloading tasks (and we highly encourage steel-toed safety footwear for your own safety).


I understand that this application is for part-time and seasonal work (primarily summer months), and on an as-needed basis. I understand that the hours and days of our schedules will vary greatly week-to-week, and that future offers for continuing work will depend heavily on my general performance, demeanor, and consistent reliability.


I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that falsification, misrepresentation or omission of facts called for will result in immediate termination from employment or removal of my application from consideration. I authorize Gotcha Games to secure information about my experience with former employers, education, personal references, and criminal history.


If I am offered a position that requires me to drive company vehicles, I understand that I will be required to possess a current and valid driver’s license, and that any driver’s license suspension/revocation must be immediately reported to Gotcha Games, as well as any traffic tickets or accidents in which I’m involved (for our vehicle insurance purposes). If I will be driving a company vehicle during the course of my employment, I understand and agree that I will be required to undergo a physical examination at the company’s expense, per Department Of Transportation regulations, and that the scope of employment may be conditioned by that examination. I agree to authorize release of all results or information obtained from such physical examinations to Gotcha Games, for the sole purpose of determining eligibility of driving company vehicles.


I understand that the safety of the public and our team is priority. As such, I understand that illegal substances are expressly forbidden from being stored, transported, or used on company property, in company vehicles, and at company events, and that if there is reasonable suspicion of such use or possession, that storage areas provided for me (locker, bunk-house, camper, etc.) are open to investigation by the company owner and/or police without prior notice. I understand that I am not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while representing Gotcha Games, at events, or while operating any rides or motor vehicles. I understand that if I have a prescription medication which may impair my ability to operate rides, heavy machinery, or motor vehicles, I must immediately report this (confidentially) to the owner of Gotcha Games, for the continued safety of our team and the general public. I agree to submit to legally permissible drug and/or alcohol testing upon request by the company. I recognize that the results of these tests may be used to determine my employment or continued employment.


If I am employed by Gotcha Games, I understand my employment can be terminated, with or without cause and with or without notice, at any time at the option of the company or myself, and that all employment/termination conversations must be directly between myself and the owner of Gotcha Games.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Matt Cleverley (owner)
Gotcha Games
200 Main Street, P.O. Box 261, Collins, Iowa 50055

Gotcha Games is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants for all job openings are welcome and will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any other basis protected by state, federal or local law. It is the intent of Gotcha Games to comply with all applicable federal, state and local legislation concerning equal opportunity in employment. The information you provide on this Application is private and confidential, except where disclosure is required by law.