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Matt Cleverley here.  I’m the owner of Gotcha Games, the Carnival Rides / Carnival Food / Special Attractions / Carnival Games event-services company based out of central Iowa.  We serve all types of events in Iowa, as well as the surrounding Midwestern states.

Take a look below to see the different types of things we offer, and then get a hold of me and let’s talk about making your special event wildly exciting.

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Iowa Carnival Rides

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Carnival Rides

Mini Ferris Wheel

The ultimate classic fair ride, now available in a smaller, mobile version to travel to your event or festival!
Tubs Of Fun
This ride is a MUST HAVE for any block party or festival event. The “Tubs Of Fun” are similar to the classic “Tea Cup” ride, and features 6 tubs seats (3 children or 2 adults each). You can spin fast, slow or not at all (the spin speed per tub is totally operated by the riders) and still have a blast.  This is a crowd favorite!
The Ballistic Swing

Guests at your event will ‘go’ ballistic when they experience the Ballistic! A large scale swing ride, it’s super fast and riders get almost completely horizontal as they swing around and around. For both child and adult riders, this carnival style swing ride accommodates up to 3 passengers per seat. Add this event entertainment that will impress even the most seasoned of thrill seekers!

The Wizzer is a rider propelled, spinning carnival ride. Two to four participants sit across from each other, grab the handles in front of their seats and pump back and forth. The faster they pump, the faster the Wizzer spins!
Gyroscope Pirate's Revenge

Get aboard the Pirates Revenge for a journey across the seas! This swinging pirate ship carnival ride can take up to 12 people at a time on this classic – and wild – ride.

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Specialty Attractions

Laser Tag
SIDEBAR RIGHT02 01 - GOTCHA GAMES - Laser Tag, Water Tag, Climbing Walls - Des Moines IA Ames IA
“Laser Tag” where it all began for Gotcha Games. We pride ourselves on our service. Our laser tag has evolved over the years into a massive hit! You can add lights and sound to enhance the overall experience. With some of the best equipment out today, and well-trained staff, every one will have maximum fun.
Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull
It’s a real-life Tractor Pull event!… except it’s for the kids… and it’s pedal-powered. :) A big hit!
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
The Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man (or “sky dancer”) is a great attention-getter for your event! We have both red and blue, and they’re about 24-feet tall.

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