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Matt Cleverley here.  I’m the owner of Gotcha Games, the mobile adventure attractions event-services company based out of Collins, Iowa.  We serve all types of events and parties in Iowa, as well as the surrounding Midwestern states.

WE’VE BEEN BUSY.  We’ve REALLY been expanding our services, so most of this website is currently under construction. We have a LOT of information we’re adding…

But, in a nutshell, the types of services and attractions we can provide for your festival, party, or event include Laser Tag, Climbing Wall, Mechanical Bull, Slides, Bounce Houses, Bungee Run, Water Tag, Obstacle Courses, Swings, Carnival Games, Tubs Of Fun, a mini Ferris Wheel… and MORE!

Get ahold of me for more information, pricing, and availability:
Call: 515-509-8323 | Email: gotcha.cleverley@gmail.com

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Matt Cleverley (owner)
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P.S. Here are some of the rides, games, and attractions that we offer (and this list is nowhere near complete – we’re updating our website right now)…

Mini Ferris Wheel

The ultimate classic fair ride, now available in a smaller, mobile version to travel to your event or festival!

Tubs Of Fun

This ride is a MUST HAVE for any block party or festival event. The “Tubs Of Fun” are similar to the classic “Tea Cup” ride, and features 6 tubs seats (3 children or 2 adults each). You can spin fast, slow or not at all (the spin speed per tub is totally operated by the riders) and still have a blast.  This is a crowd favorite!

The Zoomer

“The Zoomer” is another classic carnival ride. With six baskets lifting and lowering the passengers into the air – as one speeds up to catch another – this ride is always a hit!  Even our own crew lines up to ride this one before events open!

Space Train

“ALL ABOARD!”  The Space Train is a electric rocket train that seats up to 18 children. This super unique trackless train is sure to help your party, event, or festival blast off.

The Swings

“THE CHAIR PLANE”(SWINGS) is the perfect ride for any event! This crazy carnival ride features ten swings. This one is a true classic that has been supper popular at events. This ride is great for children under 75 pounds.

21-Foot Slide

This 21 ft super slide is a crowd favorite being loved by ages ranging from 1-100! Slides are a real thrill for all ages so how could you not have one at your next event? If you haven’t been down an inflatable slide you don’t know what your missing out on!

Monster Obstacle Course

The Monster Obstacle course is a MUST HAVE for ANY event. This fun obstacle course may not look too big in a picture, but do not let your eyes deceive you as this monster is anything but little! This challenging 35 ft inflatable features two sides filled with barriers, a small climbing wall and tight spaces that are sure to test your skills against your friends. See if you have what it takes to become the master of the Monster Obstacle at your next big event. (dimensions:  35 L x 12 W x 13 H)

Cars Slide

Who didn’t love the Pixar movie CARS?  This very fast, 22 foot, double-lane Cars inflatable slide is based on the movie – your guests will see all their favorite characters in high digital graphics all over.

Animal Kingdom

castle house
Castle House
SIDEBAR RIGHT02 01 - GOTCHA GAMES - Laser Tag, Water Tag, Climbing Walls - Des Moines IA Ames IA
Laser Tag
Mechanical Bull
21ft Rock wall!!



Carnival Games

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